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your thoughts With DeXign

To explain your designs, you don’t need to do what the engineers do.
Instead of writing code, you can compose interactions by combining Interaction Pieces together.
Your interactions will result in faster and more efficient communication between designers and engineers.

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Imagine your

DeXign is the most powerful and easiest full stack tool.
Imagine that DeXign will help you realize your dreams with software
You can configure the screen or work with a lot of data.


DeXign provides many components for developing screens.
By default, it supports several layouts
such as grid, stack, and scroll,
as well as buttons, slides, and boxes.
With DeXign, you can easily create any screen freely.


DeXign is cross-platform.
DeXign can produce a variety of platform artifacts
with just one development routine.
DeXign's generator engine is able to generate each language
through its own Codemap Script, and compiles
the various platforms to create applications that run on each platform.

Logic & Data

Dexign has created a new concept by integrating data with logic modules.
When you combine a logic module and a bucket that is a data module,
you do not need to be aware of the many complex logic that happens on the server.
You can develop cloud services simply and quickly